Business Model

EQTEC is on the leading edge of technology providers in viewing the market as a collaborative ecosystem within which all partners can benefit through working together to deliver a solution. We believe that EQTEC’s human capital, coupled with our technical know-how, is now putting us into a position to become a one stop shop for gasification technology, engineering design, EPC, O&M and project funding.

EQTEC’s strategy is to be the preferred gasification technology supplier and plant operator to developers and owners of waste to energy projects with the aim of improving overall economics in order to realise value and to generate sustainable incremental wealth for EQTEC and its shareholders. We will also build, own and operate waste to energy facilities as opportunities arise.

EQTEC Business Model

The development and delivery of gasification projects increasingly organises around the core technology provider, who can also provide a range of other services to the project.

We have the ability to deploy our technology worldwide and are concentrating our efforts in Europe and North America at this time, particularly due to the identified need for our product and the robust and supportive regulatory and commercial regimes in these geographies. In these markets, we count with a promising project pipeline of 100+ MWe to be commissioned in the following years, together with our stakeholders and partners. In addition to these, we continue to respond to all leads generated from our business development activities, regardless of geography, and prioritise them on a case-by-case basis.



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