EQTEC Corporate Strategy

Waste management faces a number of structural challenges in terms of public opinion and increasingly stringent regulation. This is creating the perfect opportunity for the growth of the waste-to-energy market, and particularly of the process called gasification. Given EQTEC’s unique and longstanding expertise in this field, our proven technology and continuous research and development, our strong financial position, the experience of our management team, and our strategy, we are poised for rapid growth.

Market Potential for Advanced Gasification

Electricity production is set to triple by 2050. Renewables are projected to make up 50% of global energy by 2035, from around 20% of the total today. The global renewable energy market is estimated to reach $2 trillion by 2025.

At the same time, the world is projected to increase its production of waste 70% by 2050. The global waste management market is expected to be worth $485 billion by 2025. Managing waste is expensive, costing between 20% and 50% of municipal budgets.

Recent and upcoming legislation aims to cut the volume of waste going to landfill, as well as cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically.


In short, pressure from consumers, governments and intra-governmental bodies like the EU and the UN is forcing change in how waste owners process their waste.

This creates opportunity for companies like EQTEC who can convert that waste into energy in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

EQTEC Strategy

EQTEC applies its proven Advanced Gasification Technology to thermochemically convert feedstock such as municipal, agricultural and industrial waste, biomass, and plastics into syngas. Syngas is then used as fuel to power electricity and heat, or as a commodity, to produce transportation fuels or Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG).

Our business model generates revenues through a combination of recurring and one-off earnings from the following:


Where a few companies have designed successful small scale gasification operations that can process specific feedstocks, EQTEC is the only one to transition to reliable commercial-scale application of the technology.

Our revenue-generating 6MW Movialsa plant in Spain has been running for nine years at targeted operational ability. We have since applied our technological expertise and project management experience to collaborate with EPC companies, developers, waste owners and operators in the following verticals in Europe and North America:

Agri-food and industrial waste streams

Industry-specific energy recovery capacity: 2-10 MWe per plant

Market focus: olive pomace waste, a significant problem for Mediterranean agricultural industries, with 4 million tonnes produced in Spain every year alone.

EQTEC has developed a unique specialization in converting this agri-food waste into syngas.

Recovery of clean energy from biomass

Biomass energy recovery capacity: 2-5 MWe per plant

Market focus: wood biomass in California, where dead trees constitute a significant fire risk, and where state policy is to use this biomass to generate power for 100s of millions of homes.

EQTEC has secured 5 agreements with US energy company Phoenix Energy. First 2 projects are fully funded and under construction.

Municipal waste streams

Municipal solid waste (MSW) and refuse derived fuel (RDF) energy recovery capacity: 5-20 MWe per plant

Market focus: the UK exports 3.5 million tonnes of RDF annually due to lack of processing capacity. However, import taxes and an upcoming UK government ban creates the opportunity for us to work with UK partners to process RDF.

EQTEC is expanding its offering into the municipal waste sector by working with UK waste owners, project developers and other partners to offer solutions for the processing of RDF prepared from MSW and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste.

EQTEC Competitive Advantages

EQTEC has the most extensive track record and experience of any gasification company, both in terms of its patented technology and its project management and engineering experience.

New technologies and features

EQTEC’s Monitoring Platform is upgrading to cloud-based IoT technology for secure online monitoring and control which we could offer as a subscription-based SaaS service.

Other commercial opportunities

Although EQTEC’s market focus is currently on three core verticals, we have been approached by potential strategic partners to apply our expertise outside our three main verticals. As a result, other applications we will be exploring include gas-to-liquids for biofuels, and hydrogen fuel cells for electric vehicles.

Opportunities for Project Partners

EQTEC are experts at building strategic partnerships to develop successful waste-to-value projects. We bring together waste operators, developers, technologists, EPC companies and capital providers.

Our projects offer socially responsible Impact Investments, as well as financial returns that can match or even exceed traditional investments.

Opportunities for Company Investors


EQTEC is an ideal investment for Impact Investors who want to generate a measurable environmental impact alongside strong financial returns. EQTEC plc has been classified by the London Stock Exchange as a Green Economy Issuer and is an advocate of the framework known as triple bottom line (3BL): where companies commit to focus on and measure social and environmental concerns just as they do profits.

Institutional and other investors are able to invest directly into EQTEC plc, which is quoted on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and trades as LSE:EQT.