Clients and Partners

Key Clients and Project Partners


Some of our key clients and project partners, including those we’ve partnered with for research and development:

Phoenix Energy
Universite de Lorraine
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Project Level - Developers, Owners, Investors and Infrastructure Operators

Strategic partnership specialists

EQTEC are experts at building strategic partnerships to develop successful waste-to-value projects.

We bring together waste operators, developers, technologists, EPC contractors and capital providers. We can help with every stage of project development from planning, permits, and funding through to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), and operating and maintaining plants.


Our projects offer socially responsible Impact Investments, as well as financial returns that can match or even exceed traditional investments.

Investors in cogeneration and waste-to-energy projects typically target unlevered IRRs of 10% minimum, depending on the perceived risk profile for each deal. EQTEC can source these projects and often increase project returns, thanks to the efficiency of our proven engineering solutions and funding structures. 

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Because we’ve been applying and evolving our technology since 1997, we have an exceptional amount of data and experience to draw from.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies

EQTEC is able to provide all the technical expertise required by large EPC players who want to participate in this growing sector. EQTEC’s unique patented and proven technology and experience gives us a strategic advantage during the tendering process.

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Corporate Level – Company Investors

EQTEC Advanced Gasification Technology

With public and regulatory pressure to reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste, the time is ripe for huge growth in the sustainable waste-to-energy market. The market is already growing by approximately 5.7% per year globally, and is expected to increase even faster in the near future.

Incineration is falling out of favour for being environmentally damaging, so waste owners are increasingly looking to gasification as an alternative that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while generating more sustainable energy.

EQTEC’s Advanced Gasification Technology is amongst the most advanced and proven in the market, with experience and operational data at commercial scale from its gasification plant located in Spain.

Add to this our unique software modelling, IoT monitoring platform, and our experience with building strategic partnerships and operating gasification plants, and it’s no wonder we are the partner of choice for leading waste management stakeholders across Europe and the USA.

EQTEC is an ideal investment for Impact Investors who want to generate a measurable environmental impact alongside strong financial returns. EQTEC plc has been classified by the London Stock Exchange as a Green Economy Issuer and is an advocate of the framework known as triple bottom line (3BL), where companies commit to focus on and measure social and environmental concerns just as they do profits.

Institutional and other investors are able to invest directly into EQTEC plc, which is quoted on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and trades as LSE:EQT.