Delivering energy from waste

It all started with our revenue-generating 6 MWe plant for Movialsa in Spain, now running for nearly a decade with unprecedented operational availability

Our gasification projects

EQTEC technology is at the heart of leading-edge, waste-to-energy plants across Europe and in North America with emerging opportunities in Asia and the Middle East.

Our projects convert waste into clean energy from three sources:

Plant and agriculture biomass

Energy recovery capacity: 2-10 MWe per plant.

Current mission: Resolving considerable waste from agriculture and food farming and production, including the particular challenge of olive pomace.

Forestry wood biomass

Energy recovery capacity: 2-5 MWe per plant.

Current mission: Transformation of wood biomass in California, where dead trees constitute a significant fire risk, and where state policy is to use such waste to generate power for 100s of millions of homes.

Municipal solid waste (MSW)

Energy recovery capacity: 5-30 MWe per plant.

Current mission: Building the UK’s first commercially successful energy-from-MSW facility. The UK exports 3.5 million tonnes of RDF annually, given insufficient processing capacity. Import taxes and legislation create opportunity for sustainable conversion of RDF and diversion from incineration and landfill.

Currently, our in-progress project pipeline exceeds 100 MWe which will be commissioned in the immediate few years.

Case Studies

Here’s how we’ve worked with some of our partners to solve their waste to energy challenges using our Advanced Gasification Technology and end-to-end project management expertise.

Ongoing Projects

Browse information about our involvement with upcoming gasification plants, which will involve converting waste biomass, agricultural waste and MSW into RDF. 

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