EQTEC Advanced Gasification Technology represents the culmination of decades of renewable energy development, process design and engineering expertise brought together under one roof.

Through that journey we have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge as to the perils and pitfalls of making gasification work and we have developed a substantial practical know-how to sit alongside our Patents and other Intellectual Property.

Our gasifiers have accumulated over 110,000 of combined operating hours at full expected availability in one of our built commercial scale plants.

As such, you should feel in safe hands when choosing to work with us.

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EQTEC Technology: The Process


Typical Challenges of Early Gasification Technologies solved by EQTEC:

Feeding System to Gasifier


Reliable feeding with all feedstock can be complicated


Anti-clog and effective feeding and dosing

Gasifier Technology



Incorrect selection / design of the gasification chamber due to the lack of reliable feedstock behaviour data



Patented EQTEC Gasifier Technology. Proprietary Library of more than 50 feedstocks analyzed. Proprietary Kinetic simulations software. Reference plant with over 111,000 cumulative operating hours

Gas Cleaning



Major challenges in syngas cleaning include the reduction of particulate matter, tar and nitrogen, sulphur


Patented Thermal Cracking Reactor. High temperature filtration system. Customised syngas cleaning configurations depending on the requirements for the final use of the syngas