Our role: We are jointly developing the UK’s first sustainable plant, using our advanced gasification tech, in Haverton Hill

Size: 25 MWe

Project status: In development. The project is at the advanced stages of development, with highlights including:

Our wholly-owned subsidiary has acquired the land;

Planning permission is approved;

Project delivery team is in place;

Sourcing the optimal construction and operational structure;

Ongoing discussions with potential funders and co-developers;

Instructed and received a full quotation for the grid connection from the grid operator, Northern Powergrid; and

Completed technical due diligence with technology insurance providers.

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The plant is expected to create dozens of local jobs and deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to both the local community and to local industrial energy users with no harmful or toxic emissions. We estimate that the plant will annually process 200,000 metric tonnes of non-recyclable everyday Municipal Solid Waste, sorted and subject to basic processing treatment to be converted into Refused Derived Fuel, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, into 25 MWe of green electricity, enough to power 50,000 homes, and 34 MW of thermal heat production.