Why Work With EQTEC

EQTEC Tailored Solutions

We provide tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ and partners’ energy demands.

We help them define the best project approach from a technological and financial point of view. If needed, we support them in building an entire waste-to-value ecosystem, with the following benefits:

Proven Advanced Gasification Technology

EQTEC Advanced Gasification Technology represents the culmination of decades of renewable energy development, process design and engineering expertise brought together under one roof.

We can adjust and adapt our solutions to meet partners’ specific needs because of our expertise.

State of the art mature and proven technology

Developed by our CTO and In-House Technology Team over decades, our Advanced Gasification Technology is proven to work with over 50 kinds of feedstock of biomass waste and municipal and industrial waste – more than any other gasification supplier. This, combined with our operational reliability, offers an attractive business case for many industrial and commercial applications.

Over 110,000 hours of commercial scale experience

We are the only gasification technology provider with such a large commercial footprint. Our plant in Spain comprises four gasifiers, producing 5.9 MWe of electricity and 6.6 MWt of steam. It’s a truly commercial scale plant with over 110,000 audited operating hours utilising our process – the largest in the industry.

Pilot plants enable us to test new feedstocks and syngas applications

We currently run two pilot plants in partnership with universities and research institutes in France and Spain. This gives us the ability to continue to test a vast array of feedstock and syngas applications – more than 50, and counting. These plants will soon also test gas-to-liquid processes for the creation of biofuels.

Key EQTEC Competitive Advantages

EQTEC Advanced Gasifier Technology

Our patented technology (design, process and construction) converts feedstock thermochemically into high-value synthetic gas. We offer a flexible operation range depending on the feedstock’s lower heating value, to deliver a guaranteed energy output.

EQTEC Kinetic Model

Our proprietary modelling software model allows us to predict the synthetic gas quantity and quality within an extremely narrow margin of 5%.  We can reverse engineer the output required based on the application, and we have behavioural data from more than 50 different feedstock types. These accurate predictions allow us to avoid under- or over-engineering the gasifier (a common problem of other technologies).

EQTEC Monitoring Platform

Our plants are loaded with monitoring sensors that feed data continuously to our servers. Our secure, cloud-based platform allows for this continuous monitoring and control of all operational aspects of our plants. This means more efficient, less staff-intensive operations. It also constantly increases the amount of valuable operational plant data for us to draw from for future projects.

Construction and Operational Know-How

We’ve built gasification power plants in Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Bulgaria. We work on R&D in partnership with institutions in France and Spain. We work with waste-to-value partners in Sweden, Germany, the USA, and Greece. We’ve been constructing power plants since 1997, and focused solely on Advanced Gasification since 2010.  In short, we have the knowledge and experience for a wide variety of partners and projects.