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The World Experts in Advanced Gasification
EQTEC’s technology reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful environmental impacts through the elimination of waste by converting it into high value energy and biofuels to meet the growing demand for clean energy.

EQTEC is a

Our mission: to help the world reduce waste and generate green energy

How? By working with multiple partners to convert their waste into green energy.

Our partners: energy operators, developers, waste owners, epc contractors and financiers

They come to us for a waste-to-value solution. We provide our Advanced Gasification Technology, engineering services and integration capabilities.

How Advanced Gasification Works

Advanced Gasification produces syngas from a wide range of waste types. Syngas can be used sustainably to generate electricity, heat and fuels. Advanced Gasification also has many benefits over other commonly used waste-to-energy methods. It’s more efficient, more sustainable, and it drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Work with Us

Because we’ve been applying and evolving our technology since 1997, we have an exceptional amount of data and experience to draw from, that enables us to provide proven reliable solutions.

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track record, and technology

That’s why so many high-profile partners already use our patented and proven Advanced Gasification Technology across Europe and North America.

And that’s why when people want to know
if gasification will work for them, they contact us.

We are passionate about using our technology to deliver sustainable outcomes for the communities who are customers of the plants that use our technology, and to always deliver to the highest environmental standards. We are quoted on AIM and have been awarded the Green Economy Mark by the London Stock Exchange. EQTEC is an ideal investment for Impact Investors – those who want to generate a measurable environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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