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We work together to solve two critical decarbonisation challenges: reducing waste and generating clean types of energy and biofuels. This is our shared purpose.

EQTEC Corporate Centre

Executive Directors

David Palumbo headshot. The EQTEC team. Find out more about the gasification industry on EQTEC's news page.

David is an experienced investor, business leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in private equity, venture capital and asset management. Since 2006, he has founded and co-founded several companies in a variety of industries including cleantech, digital technology and real estate. David joined EQTEC in 2018 as an investment and growth advisor and after restructuring the Company’s financial platform, he was asked by lead investors in 2019 to take on the role of CEO. Since then, he has focused EQTEC’s leadership team on establishing a growth platform through its R&D and engineering, its operations and scale capabilities and its financial management discipline. In addition to re-focusing EQTEC, David founded and remains the Managing Partner of Origen Capital LLP, a private investment firm representing family offices and private consortia in Europe, CIS and Latin America. He holds a BSc and a MSc in Electrical Engineering. 

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Yoel Alemán headshot. The EQTEC team.

Yoel’s mechanical and chemical engineering career includes more than 20 years’ experience with gasification as his chosen specialism. He has designed, built and operated thermochemical conversion facilities of various sizes and capacities for a wide range of feedstocks, including commercialscale plants to handle biomass and non-biomass feedstocks (including RDF). He is the author of all of EQTEC’s patents and the lead inventor of its proprietary technologies. He joined the Company in 2010, to rescue a project that was struggling at the Mostos, Vinos y Alcoholes, S.A. (Movialsa) agro-industrial facility in southern Spain. That initial, highly successful project, completed in 2011, established the platform for EQTEC’s proven technology capability. Dr Alemán has been an associated professor or researcher at three universities and earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Prior to his appointment to the EQTEC plc Board of Directors in 2019, he was Chief Technical Officer of EQTEC Iberia slu. 

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Jeffrey Vander Linden COO of EQTEC plc

Jeff is a strategy and operations professional with 30 yearsexperience implementing complex change and growth strategies across private- and public-sector organisations, from small start-ups to the world’s largest corporations. Prior to joining EQTEC in 2020, he led development and implementation of global operations and scale strategy at one of the world’s largest consumer products companies. Before that, he spent 16 years designing and delivering business strategy, process and technology transformation as a business consultant and programme director at PwC, IBM and Capgemini. His dozens of clients include NTT, NEC, AT&T, Motorola, BAE Systems and National Grid. Jeff spent 10 years living and working in Japan, with projects across Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has worked in the UK, Europe and India since 2001. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies (Economics, Politics, History, Philosophy) from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA. 

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Technical Centre

César Berrueco headshot. The EQTEC team.

César is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field of thermochemical processes and catalytic synthesis of biofuels. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has an outstanding scientific record, including scientific publications, participation in a good number of competitive and industrial research projects as well as several years as researcher at internationally recognized institutions, such as Imperial College London. He decided to move from research and academia to industry when he joined EQTEC in early 2018.

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Esther Lorente headshot. The EQTEC team.

Esther is a chemical engineer with an extensive experience of over 15 years in research and development as well as teaching activities at internationally renowned universities and research centers, such as Imperial College London. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has participated in multidisciplinary projects, mainly focused on the development and optimization of novel processes for energy generation and waste valorization.

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Liz has more than 13 years of experience as Process Engineer in multi-disciplinary projects in the environmental sector, oil & gas, and power plants for electricity generation. She has extensive knowledge in managing the Pro II, Pipephase, Hysys, Inplant and Aspen Capital Cost Simulator industry simulators, development of typical specifications of the area of process. Liz graduated from the Central University of Venezuela with Honorific Mention in her process engineering degree thesis.

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Javier is a chemical engineer with several years of research experience in the field of thermochemical processes, manly focused on the production of synthesis gas through biomass and waste gasification. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and his curriculum includes scientific publications, participation in congresses and research projects, as well as some experience in industrial safety.
facundo molina eqtec

Facundo is an Industrial Engineer with ten years of experience in the energy sector. He worked as a Procurement Analyst, Cost Controller, and Maintenance Planner for AXION energy and as a Project Manager for Shell CAPSA, participating in several Tourn-Arounds projects. He holds an MSc in Energy Systems from the University of California, where he also participated as a teaching assistant and researcher for renewable energy projects.

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Marcos Garcia headshot. The EQTEC team.

Marcos has an extensive track record in programming and commissioning control systems (PLCs, SCADAs and HMIs) in various industries such as water treatment plants, agri-food and pharma, among others. He is familiar with various programming languages as well as with relevant industrial communication protocols. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering.

Ariel Entenza headshot. The EQTEC team.

Ariel is an experienced electrical engineer with over 18 years of track record, the majority of which dealing with engineering, supply chain management and maintenance of both Liquified and Compressed Natural Gas installations, as well as gasification power plants. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Andrea is a Civil Engineer with experience in digitalization of plans using the AutoCAD program, AutoCAD plant 3D, SAP 2000 and ETABS. She has experience developing and preparing bids and planning works for public and private organisations. She qualified at the Universidad Experimental del Táchira, Venezuela.

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Óscar Velasco headshot. The EQTEC team.

Óscar joined EQTEC following his in-depth experience in marine engineering. His responsibilities include the operation and maintenance of gasification and cogeneration power plants, as well as project commissioning and O&M contract management. He holds a Master’s degree in Marine Engineering.

Denisa Headshot. The EQTEC team.

Denisa has extensive experience in project engineering of biomass power plants. She matches her responsibilities in supply chain management and cost controlling with her support to the process engineering team. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià.

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Ernesto Headshot. The EQTEC team.
An experienced mechanical engineer for over 20 years, Ernesto has worked on industrial project construction and implementation, ranging from the sugar industry to the manufacture of high-performance broadcast antenna transmission systems. His responsibilities include the quality assurance procedures during facilities construction, supervising from equipment fabrication to the on-site mechanical erection of our gasification and co-generation power plants.

Cristina is an experienced business assistant enrolled in administration of multinational companies, mainly in the Commercial & Marketing sectors. Her responsibilities include the communication and organisation of events, coordinate agreements between customers and the firm and keeping track of sales while updating customer master data. Passionate about teamwork and focused on customer satisfaction, she provides support to the whole team. She holds advanced studies in Marketing & Business Management from EAE Barcelona Business School.

Corporate Centre

David is senior investment professional with over 20 years’ experience in analyst roles, private equity and investment banking. He started his career as a European analyst at JER Real Estate Partners and then moved to a subsidiary business of JP Morgan Securities and Acofi. He joined ABN AMRO’s structure finance department where he oversaw transactions in France, Italy, Germany and Benelux. Subsequently at Hoche Inovalis Partners (HIP), David managed a €250m mezzanine fund, deploying capital in renewable energy, capital regulatory and real estate transactions. Before joining EQTEC, he set up and led the international real asset investment management practice of a multibillion-pound single family office. David is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (MRICS). He holds degrees from Cass Business School, Paris II Pantheon-Assas University and the University of Cambridge.

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Jimmy McGlinchey headshot. The EQTEC team.

Jimmy joined the company in June 2008 and is the Group Financial Accountant. Prior to this, he was an audit manager with Grant Thornton Ireland, where he was involved in the audits of a wide variety of businesses. A fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) with over 20 years’ experience, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Cork and a Masters of Accounting degree from University College Dublin. He also holds a Diploma in International Financial Reporting from the ACCA.

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After over 20 years working in corporate Project and Client Relationship Management roles, including at Virgin Media, Lisa decided focus her career on Executive Assistance, predominantly working for financial and professional services organisations. Lisa has extensive experience in project management and planning, developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes and in providing comprehensive, executive-level support. Lisa has a degree in Business Studies. 

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EQTEC logo translucent. Welcome to EQTEC global experts in advanced gasification technology. Click to read how our patented methods turn sustainable waste to energy.

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EQTEC logo translucent. Welcome to EQTEC global experts in advanced gasification technology. Click to read how our patented methods turn sustainable waste to energy.

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