What we do

EQTEC is a clean technology company with proven, proprietary and patented technology for sustainable waste-to-value applications

Building clean energy infrastructure that sustainably reduces waste

We design and supply advanced gasification plants with a high efficiency product offering that it is modular and scalable from 1 MWe to 30 MWe.

A key advantage is the versatility of our technology to process over 50 different types of feedstock, including municipal waste, agricultural waste, biomass and plastics. Our solutions produce a uniquely pure high-quality synthesis gas (syngas), that is capable of being used for the widest applications in the generation of clean energy (power and heat), hydrogen, biofuels and more. Proprietary technology design, when combined with high-performance deployment and maintenance capabilities, mitigate the risks when using any third-party equipment. Technology integration capabilities enable us to lead collaborative project ecosystems that build sustainable, waste to clean energy infrastructure.

Our projects

A small number of companies have designed successful small scale gasification operations that can process specific feedstocks, yet EQTEC is the only one to transition to reliable commercial-scale application of the technology

The output of advanced gasification

EQTEC is a globally recognised expert specialising in advanced gasification with the overarching proposition of taking the carbon rich solid product of waste, thermochemically converting into power, hydrogen and high value fuels, which are then used in one of three broad applications:


Clean Biofuels

Industrial Energy

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Our strategy in a growing market

We believe that demand for clean energy will grow significantly over the next few years based on the increasing drive for improved air quality worldwide, the growth of renewables in the energy mix and the need to decarbonise industrial processes.
We also believe that EQTEC remains particularly well-positioned to continue to innovate and capture new segments of each market, leading a team of partners to design, develop, commission and maintain advanced gasification plants.