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EQTEC is a leader in Advanced Gasification Technology and its application for producing energy from waste. But we also want to be famous for defining and delivering cleantech business cases through on-time, on-budget delivery of plant construction projects

Building a high-performing ecosystem of partners

To enable the success of our advanced gasification projects around the world, our ecosystem includes a range of partners, collaborating with us to:

Develop, design and drive new opportunities to financial close and contract

Mobilise, deliver and progress projects to Commercial Operation Day (COD) and live plant operations

Operate, maintain and improve the operations of sustainable waste-to-energy plants

Integrated development and delivery at a local level

We believe well-integrated teams develop, design, build and run well-integrated plants.

Combining with our advanced gasification technical capabilities, operational disciplines and commercial acumen, our teams bring expertise from our ecosystem partners with project funding, ancillary technologies, engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil), procurement, construction management, commissioning and operations & maintenance (O&M). Our growing team of partners gives us access to markets across Europe, North America and into Asia and the Middle East.

Our partners

Strategic partnership specialists

At the core of every one of our advanced gasification plants, you will find EQTEC. We are the experts at building strategic partnerships to create successful and sustainable waste-to-value projects and are committed to close management of our projects to ensure their success.

We bring together:

Investors and lenders

Infrastructure and cleantech developers

Waste management companies, owners and operators

Technologists and engineers

Programme and project delivery managers

EPC, EPCM and other engineering and construction contractors

Insurance underwriters

Working with us: EQTEC competitive advantages

Advanced gasification technology

Our patented technology (design, process and construction) converts feedstock thermochemically into high-value synthetic gas. We offer a flexible operations range depending on the feedstock’s lower heating value, to deliver a guaranteed energy output.

Kinetic model

Our proprietary modelling software model allows us to predict the synthetic gas quantity and quality within an extremely narrow margin of 5%. We can reverse engineer the output required based on the application, and we have behavioural data from more than 50 different feedstock types. These accurate predictions allow us to avoid under- or over-engineering the gasifier (a common problem of other technologies).

Monitoring platform

Our plants are loaded with monitoring sensors that feed data continuously to our servers. Our secure, cloud-based platform allows for this continuous monitoring and control of all operational aspects of our plants. This means more efficient, less staff-intensive operations. It also constantly increases the amount of valuable operational plant data for us to draw from for future projects.

Construction and operational know-how

We’ve built advanced gasification power plants across Europe and are now building in the USA. We work on R&D in partnership with institutions in France and Spain. We work with waste-to-value partners in Sweden, Germany, the USA, and Greece. We’ve been constructing power plants since 1997, focused solely on advanced gasification since 2010. In short, we have the knowledge and experience for a wide variety of partners and projects.

Project roles explained

We are actively involved in every stage as projects move from scoping, funding, planning and permits, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), design, delivery and integration, operating and maintenance. At EQTEC, we either source partners for these roles and / or fulfil them with our own experts.

Project funding

Our projects offer socially responsible Impact Investments as well as financial returns that match or even exceed traditional investments. Investors in co-generation and waste-to-energy projects typically target unlevered Internal Rate of Returns (IRRs) of a minimum of 10%, depending on the perceived risk profile for each deal. We can source these projects and often increase project returns, thanks to the efficiency of our proven engineering solutions and funding structures.


The owner-operators take ownership of the plant and operations delivered by the project and run them as an ongoing business interest. Their requirements and strategic intentions form the basis for business requirements.


As the project progresses, developers are the main point of contact for customers, investors, lenders, regulators and stakeholders, with end-to-end accountability for relationship and satisfaction with the progress of the project and development of operations, as well as compliance and stakeholder management.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction partners

We are able to provide all the technical expertise required by large EPC providers, contractors and sub-contractors who want to participate in this growing sector. Our unique patented and proven technology and experience gives us a strategic advantage during the tendering process and they are able to work with us for all or part of the EPC framework and supply chain.

O&M partners

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contractors are chosen and employed by the Operator for ongoing maintenance.

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