Investing in EQTEC

We are a highly innovative waste-to-value company, using our proven and proprietary Advanced Gasification Technology to generate safe, clean energy from over 50 different kinds of feedstock including municipal, agricultural and industrial waste, biomass, and plastics

Growth in the sustainable waste-to-energy market

We collaborate with waste operators, developers, technologists, EPC contractors and capital providers to build sustainable waste to clean energy projects and infrastructure.

With public and regulatory pressure to reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste, the time is right for huge growth in the sustainable waste-to-energy market. The sector is already growing by approximately 5.7% per year globally and is expected to increase even faster in the near future.

Revenue overview

Our revenues come through a combination of recurring and one-off earnings from the following:

Supplying and selling gasification reactors and equipment to projects

Licensing fees from our patented technology

Fees for design and engineering, project development and advisory and operating and maintenance services

We also expect to receive equity returns from projects in which we invest

An ideal investment for impact investors

We are quoted on AIM on the London Stock Exchange, trading as LSE:EQT and our company bears the Green Economy Mark awarded by the Exchange.

We’re also an advocate of the framework known as triple bottom line (3BL), where companies commit to focus on and measure social and environmental concerns just as they do profits.
EQTEC plc is an ideal investment for impact investors who want to generate a measurable and positive environmental impact alongside strong financial returns.