Italia MDC, Italy


1 MWe

Project Status

In Construction




Electricity, heat


The gasification plant, which featured EQTEC Advanced Gasification Technology when it was commissioned in 2015, will process c.7,000 metric tonnes of locally sourced waste biomass per year. It will take a mix of straw and forestry wood waste from regional farmers and forests and will be upgraded to process a greater diversity of biomass feedstocks over time. The green electricity and heat produced will be used by the local community.
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Project information

Our role: Through a consortium with MetalNRG, a publicly-traded UK investing company, and two family offices, we are the co-owner, operator and provider of gasification technology and will be the O&M contractor at the site in Tuscany, Italy.

Developments: The plant, previously commissioned in 2015, has reached the following stages:

  • Acquisition of the plant has been completed (financial close)
  • Connection to the grid is in place
  • An Italian EPC contractor, COSMI, has been appointed
  • The plant is expected to be updated, recommissioned and re-powered for operations by H2 2022
  • The site will become the first of our ‘Market Development Centres (MDCs), which will showcase our technology in a fully operational, commercial setting.

Latest news

Latest News – September 2022: A plant operations team has been recruited and commissioning of the Plant has commenced. The MDC is expected to complete commissioning and become fully operational before the end of 2022.

2015: The biomass-to-energy plant was commissioned
June 2021: Binding legal documentation for financial close was signed by the consortium of co-investors
H2 2022: The plant is currently expected to be operational
May 2021: EQTEC acquired the plant and announced it would lead a consortium to repower, own and operate the plant and establish it as the country's Market Development Centre
October 2021: The site was fully cleaned and relevant components were disassembled and cleared