Italia MDC

Our role: Through a consortium with MetalNRG, a publicly-traded UK investing Company, and two Family Offices, we are the co-owner, operator and provider of gasification technology and will be the O&M contractor

Size: 1 MWe

Project status: Under construction. The plant, previously commissioned in 2015, has reached the following stages:

Acquisition of the plant has been completed (financial close);

Connection to the grid is in place;

An Italian EPC contractor, COSMI, has been appointed;

The plant is expected to be updated, recommissioned and repowered for operations by Q2 2022; and

The site will become the first of our 'Market Development Centre's (MDC), which will showcase our technology in a fully operational, commercial setting.

More information: The gasification plant, which featured EQTEC Advanced Gasification Technology when it was commissioned in 2015, will process c.7,000 metric tonnes of locally sourced waste biomass per year. It will take a mix of straw and forestry wood waste from regional farmers and forests and will be upgraded to process a greater diversity of biomass feedstocks over time. The green electricity and heat produced will be used by the local community.