Agrigas 1

Our role: We are the technology provider for gasification technology and engineering and design services, working with partners Agrigas Energy and ewerGy

Size: 0.5 MWe

Project status: Under construction. So far, it has:

Reached financial close;

The project is in the construction phase; and

It means we are building Greece’s first ever advanced gasification plant.

More information: With a 3,800 metric tonnes capacity per year, this gasification plant will take a mix of waste by-products from regional farmers during three harvest seasons of corn, wheat and cotton. Currently these materials are either incinerated or taken to landfill but once this project is commissioned, the waste will be formed into pellets, processed through EQTEC’s gasifier and converted into electricity which will be sold to the country’s grid system by the owner-operator, Agrigas Energy. This project is one of a number of potential opportunities across Greece that have been identified with our joint venture partners, ewerGy, who are the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partner at Agrigas 1.