Comment from EQTEC on UK Government Energy Security and Net Zero Plan

EQTEC welcomes the Government’s announcements aimed at improving the UK’s energy security. The drive to encourage the development of green hydrogen is welcome, although there needs to be more support specifically for production of low carbon hydrogen beyond electrolysis, and more pressingly, for renewable natural gas as an immediate alternative to natural gas obtained through legacy means. There are alternatives to hydrogen production, and electrolysis relies on large amounts of electrical power supplied by a national grid still fed by fossil fuels.


It is vital that the Government recognise the role that waste-to-syngas technology plays in achieving the UK’s net zero targets. Syngas from waste not only addresses the growing waste challenge and reduces the associated GHG emissions from waste management itself, but it enables clean production of heat, power, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, liquid biofuels or other useful chemicals.  The UK’s energy security starts with better utilising its own waste to deliver local-for-local energy solutions, rather than depending on imports or expensive and carbon-intensive alternatives from offshore.  


EQTEC is committed to ensuring that syngas becomes an integral part of the UK’s future energy infrastructure, for Industry, for Utilities, for Municipalities and for Farms. We want to support the Government with supporting circular economies while delivering stable, uninterrupted supplies of clean energy. We encourage the Government to stimulate the sector and incentivise development of Advanced Conversion Technologies.”