North Fork, USA


2MWe with biochar

Project Status

In Construction




Electricity, heat, biochar


With forestry wood waste an increasing problem in the state of California, this plant will improve both the environmental and economic outcomes in the local area, by mitigating forest fires, reducing agricultural waste, producing carbon negative, decentralised electricity security for the local community. The site will convert 17,550 metric tonnes of biomass annually into clean electric and thermal energy and into 1,600 metric tonnes of biochar per year, for use as a way to naturally capture carbon through use a soil substrate in forests and the agriculture industry.
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Project information

Our role: We are the provider of gasification technology and engineering and design services to North Fork Community Power and a equity shareholder in the project in North Fork, California, USA.

Developments: The plant, is in construction, including:

  • Reached financial close
  • Construction is in advanced stages of progress
  • Is part of a pipeline of projects being developed with US partner, Pheonix Biomass Energy.

Latest news

Site update – February 2022: The gasification reactor and associated equipment have been installed inside the primary steel structures, most civil works completed and mechanical and electrical installation are set as next phases of work
June 2019: EQTEC acquired an equity interest in North Fork Community Power LLC
October 2020: Majority of equipment arrived on-site
January 2020: Binding legal documentation for financial close was signed
June 2021: The gasification equipment is assembled inside the steel structures