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6.5 MWe

Project Status

In Development






The stone quarry site is located at Villers-sous-Montrond, near the Franco-Swiss border. The gasification plant was designed using non-EQTEC technologies, but the Plant was never fully commissioned, as the previous technology did not successfully complete performance and endurance tests. The 6.5 MWe plant, once operational, will transform c. 45,000 tonnes of mixed waste wood and refuse-derived fuel to export clean electricity to the national grid. 

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Project information

Our role: We are the project developer and provider of our gasification technology at the plant in France. We expect to be the O&M contractor.

Developments: The project is in the earlier stages, including:

  • We have received two letters of intent from two institutional funders specialising in similar infrastructure investments.
  • Pursuing final approval from  the French Ministère de l’économie, des finances et de l’industrie.
  • Reviewing expressions of interest from two French energy companies to potentially become owner-operators, once the plant is successfully commissioned.
  • The site will become a Market Development Centre (MDC), which will showcase our technology in a fully operational, commercial setting.

Latest news

Site update – August 2022: France’s Ministère de l’économie, des finances et de l’industrie has given final approval for EQTEC to acquire the 6.5MWe waste-to-energy gasification plant. Construction is expected to commence in Q1 2023.