Our role: We are the technology provider for gasification technology and engineering and design services and will be part-owner of the project with our joint-venture partner, ewerGy

Size: 1.0 MWe

Project status: In development. At the earlier stages, current work includes:

Participating in ongoing discussions with potential funders;

All licences and key permissions are in place;

Applying for a connection from the grid operator;

The project delivery team is in place; and

The optimal construction and operational structure is in place.

More information: Subject to financing, we estimate that the plant will have the capacity, per year, to convert 6,240 metric tonnes of waste biomass from the olive production process. We’re taking the proven capabilities of the first olive pomace waste-to-energy plant in the world, at Movialsa in Ciudad Real, Spain, and applying it at Nobilis, so that olive waste will be converted into electricity and sold, by the owner-operator, Nobilis Pro Energy, to the nation’s power grid. Doing so will avoid the alternatives of burning or to dispose of materials on the ground, which causes local soil degradation. This project is one of a number of potential opportunities across Greece that have been identified with our joint venture partners, ewerGy, who are the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partner at Nobilis.