Our role: We are jointly developing the plant at Watts Industrial Estate, Southport Hybrid Energy Park, with Rotunda Group, the current owner of the land and local business and its subsidiary Shankley Biogas

Size: 9 MW plus an additional 6-8 MW is under proposal

Project status: In development. At the earlier stages, current work includes:

Ongoing discussions with potential funders and co-developers; and

Completing technical due diligence with technology insurance providers.

More information:

The proposed project is expected to create dozens of local jobs during construction and once operational, as well as deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to both the local community and to local industrial energy users with no harmful or toxic emissions. The site currently has planning permission for a waste recycling facility, an anaerobic digestion facility, and 9 MW of electrical generation with 2 MW of battery storage, exporting 11 MWe to the grid annually. We will be seeking additional planning permission so that our Advanced Gasification Technology can be applied to the project to make it capable of converting over 55,000 tonnes annually of refuse derived fuel waste, which would be created by the proposed plant and otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, generating an estimated additional 6-8 MW of ‘green’ electricity. The local authority is supportive and keen to have the plant in place as an environmentally-positive and credible alternative to incineration technologies for processing waste.